Colloquium: Justice: Rights & Wrongs

On 21-22 May 2009, the McDonald Centre hosted an international colloquium at Christ Church, together with the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics. Scholars of law, theology, and philosophy responded to Nicholas Wolterstorff’s Justice: Rights and Wrongs, a book that Richard Bernsetin has called “the most impressive book on [the subject] since Rawls’s Theory of Justice.”

Wolterstorff Conference

Images: Tom Kirby Photography

Panelists included Onora O’Neill, President of the British Academy, Roger Crisp, Timothy Endicott, Julian Rivers, John Perry, and Bernd Wannenwetsch. Over seventy delegates attended, and engaged Professor Wolterstorff in a series of lively conversations. The proceedings of the colloquium will be published in an upcoming issue of Studies in Christian Ethics, the UK’s leading journal of moral theology. View the event programme.