Debate: Can the West Live with Islam?

Allah-eser-green.pngOn Tuesday, 7 February, Nigel Biggar and Timothy Winter will debate, Can the West Live with Islam? at Keble College, University of Oxford.

Both speakers are prominent figures in the national and international conversation about religion in public life. Nigel Biggar is a prominent author and speaker on the contribution of religion to the health of liberal societies, including the development of a concept of ‘public reason’ that permits the engagement of metaphysically contradictory positions. Timothy Winter is a leading British Muslim scholar who has lectured and written widely on Islamic topics including on the contribution of Islam in the West.

When: Tuesday, 7 February, 4.30 for 5.00

Where: Roy Griffiths Room, Keble College, Oxford OX1 3PG

RSVP: Open to all, but limited to 60 participants so book early by emailing (send one email for each person attending)