Universities Conference Videos Online

complete video archive of the recent McDonald Centre conference, Christianity and the Flourishing of Universities, is now available. All six sessions are online, and the conference programme can be downloaded to help you follow along.

In addition, we are pleased to share a newspaper article about the conference from Nederlands Dagblad, a Dutch daily newspaper. In it, Dr. G.C. den Hertog discusses the way in which two of the conference’s presenters, Nigel Biggar and David Hempton, addressed the question of the soul of the university, which had been posed by Miroslav Volf. Biggar and Hempton do so by rejecting the picture of the academic ivory tower as theologically inappropriate. Hertog suggests that universities in the Netherlands ought to ask themselves Volf’s pointed question of how theology can recommend itself to the university if it portrays God as a religious therapist and butler, and that universities in the rest of the world might have something to learn from the Dutch statesman and theologian, Abraham Kuyper.