Visiting Fellows

Robert Gascoigne — Trinity Term 2013


Robert Gascoigne is a professor in the School of Theology at Australian Catholic University and a past president of the Australian Catholic Theological Association. The author of The Public Forum and Christian Ethics and The Church and Secularity, he also contributed “Christian Hope and Public Reason” to Religious Voices in Public Places, co-edited by Nigel Biggar and Linda Hogan. While in Oxford for Trinity Term 2013, he will give two public lectures: “The meaning of Christian prophecy in a liberal secular culture” and “Human poignancy and the foundations of a liberal society: a Christian perspective”.

John Burgess — Michaelmas Term 2013

burgess,-johnProfessor John Burgess of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary will be a visiting fellow of the McDonald Centre during Michaelmas Term 2013. Professor Burgess earned his PhD from the University of Chicago and is an ordained Presbyterian minister. His current research explores the post-communist resurgence of the Orthodox Church in Russia, where he has spent much time conducting field research. This includes time there as a Fulbright Scholar in 2011 and a Luce Fellow in 2012. While at the McDonald Centre, Burgess will deliver two lectures. You can learn more about Professor Burgess and his research via his homepage.

Charles Camosy — Spring 2012

Professor CamosyProfessor Charles Camosy of Fordham University, New York, will be a visiting fellow of the McDonald Centre for spring 2012. Camosy is sought-after by journalists as a commentator on bioethics and a contributor to the popular blog, Catholic Moral Theology. He is the author of two books: Too Expensive to Treat? Finitude, Tragedy, and the Neonatal ICU and Peter Singer & Christian Ethics: Beyond Polarization, as well as numerous articles. He was the organizer of a much-discussed conference at Princeton University on the ethics of abortion, Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Fair Minded Words.

While at the McDonald Centre, Camosy will be completing research for a book on the consistent ethic of life. He will also deliver four public lectures entitled Peter Singer & Christian Ethics.

For a complete bibliography, or to reach Professor Camosy, visit his Fordham University homepage.