Flourishing of Universities Conference

Session 1: 
Setting the Stage: The Public Plight of Universities

  • Graham Ward on the UK, Werner Jeanrond on Europe, Robin Lovin on the USA

Session 2: The Reason for the University

  • Nigel Biggar, “What’s the Good of a University?”
  • Miroslav Volf, “Christian Faith and the Crisis of Humanities”

Session 3: Christian Faith in the University

  • Sarah Coakley,  “The Vocation of the Priest-Scholar in the Secular University”
  • Nicholas Wolterstorff, “Is There a Place for fides quaerens intellectum?”

Session 4: Christian Confession in the University

  • Jean Bethke Elshtain, “Christianity as Identity Politics in the University”
  • David Ford & Mike Higton, “The Study of Religion in the Research University” [paper]
  • Richard Hays, “Ministerial Education in the Contemporary University”

Session 5: Why Christianity Needs the University

  • David Hempton, “Matrices of Movements of Christian Transformation”
  • Mark Noll, “The Flourishing of Christian Learning at Princeton”

Session 6: The University and the Church as Mutual Beneficiaries

  • Paul Griffiths, “The University as Pagan Gift to the Church”
  • John Witte, “What Christianity Can Offer to Modern Law Schools”